Dendrological Society of South Africa

The tree science and conservation society of South Africa

The Dendrological Society promotes the study, protection and propagation of trees and tree-dominated ecosystems as a contribution to effective environmental conservation and improvement in South Africa. Membership of the Dendrological Society is open to all natural persons whose application is seconded by two members and endorsed by the Executive Committee.

Application for membership

The Society noted the content of the PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013 (ACT NO. 4 OF 2013) POPIA, and undertakes to comply with the regulations of the Act. As a result, the Society requires the following minimum information from existing and new members:

  • the respective branch management needs a mobile phone number to invite the member to join a WhatsApp group to communicate information regarding excursions that are arranged and other relevant information about branch activities
  • the Society's Administration as well as the branch management need an e-mail address to communicate with members on membership, membership fees and other relevant membership affairs.
  • the nearest town or city where the member resides to make correct branch allocations
  • The Society does not require a member's postal address, residential address, bank details, identity numbers and marital / relationship status
  • All personal information, as defined in Section 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, Act 4 of 2013 (‘POPIA’); received, collected, used, distributed, destroyed and / or processed; of any member, organization, provider, third party, service provider and / or data subject, will be processed in accordance with the terms of POPIA, and specifically in terms of the 8 conditions for the lawful processing of personal information.
  • The Society refrains from disclosing, copying, distributing and / or using any member’s information in any way and / or form that is contrary to the conditions as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act 4 of 2013 ('POPIA')


Membership fees 1 March 2024 as follows:

  • All new and existing members under the age of 70 years - R 300 / annum
  • All new and existing members above the age of 70 years – R 100 / annum
  • All existing members who reach the age of 70yrs > may apply in writing for a reduction in membership fees as stated above
  • All scholars and undergraduate students – R 90 / annum
  • Corporate membership – R 500 / annum

Please Fill in the Membership Form Below:

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Types Of Membership

Individual membership; 

Family membership (parents and school children); 

Student membership (bona fide students, with proof of registration); 

School membership for individual schools;

Corporative membership; 

Honorary membership (this is awarded to any person for excellence in service to the improvement of tree knowledge to Dendrological Society)

Any person or organisation wishing to become a member can complete a membership application form. All new applications shall be reviewed and approved by the Central Committee of the Society.

Benefits of Membership to the Dendrological Society: 

Members are kept informed via newsletters and the Dendron magazine about events regarding both trees indigenous to Southern Africa and introduced tree species. In addition information is also supplied in respect of:

  1. new species;
  2. new findings in the fields of Botany; ecological aspects of trees; taxonomy of tree species; distribution recordings3. the use of trees in general as well as in horticulture; and
  3. the conservation of trees and tree-dominated ecosystems.
  4. Arbor week and trees of the year;

  5. Conservation status and protected trees in South Africa;

  6. Locating, assessing and measuring the biggest trees of any species in South Africa;

  7. Propagation of indigenous trees;

  8. Outings, field excursions, lectures and presentations;

  9. The identification and labelling of trees;

  10. Supply of tree name tags;

  11. Advice with regard to "problem" trees and alien invasive plants in gardens, urban areas and farms;

  12. Training courses in tree identification, tree appreciation, tree measurement and alien invasive plants;

  13. Several authoritative publications; and

  14. Advice and assistance in respect of all matters related to trees and dendrology.

Personal Enrichment: 

The Dendrological Society affords members the opportunity to go on outings into the veld under the leadership of knowledgeable dendrologists and to spend time with other people sharing the same interest in nature. These outings are mainly focussed on indigenous species but knowledge can also be gained about trees and the plant kingdom in general. Snippets of information can be gained from all people participating in the outing, although many may not yet have an extensive knowledge of the topics at hand. Tips are also given to practice or promote tree identification as a hobby.

Members gain satisfaction from their participation in and promotion of tree knowledge and conservation issues. People get to know their environment and opportunities are created to come into contact with many tourist attractions. Personal enrichment is gained by accumulating knowledge and by making contact with the wonders of nature. By being so close to nature an added benefit is spiritual enrichment.

Members are also given the opportunity on a tertiary level to attend courses and to qualify in primary dendrology.

Financial Benefits: 

Members enjoy discounts on some publications at selected book shops and course fees.

Conservation of Trees: 

The Society acts as a mouthpiece on behalf of members (and trees) in communications with authorities regarding the promotion of tree issues and the conservation of tree species.

Social Occasions: 

Outings are social events bringing together people within a particular area. Friendships are formed with people throughout the country. People sharing the same interests are able to enjoy pleasant company and have meaningful conversations.