Dendrological Society of South Africa

The tree science and conservation society of South Africa

The Dendrological Society promotes the study, protection and propagation of trees and tree-dominated ecosystems as a contribution to effective environmental conservation and improvement in South Africa. Membership of the Dendrological Society is open to all natural persons whose application is seconded by two members and endorsed by the Executive Committee.


We are a society of people that are passionate about indigenous trees. On this site, you will find information about our society and our membership as well as information about indigenous trees.

Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly to wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.

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Naas Grové (Chairman), Diana Botha (Organiser), Gawie Oberholzer (Secretary), Theresia Oberholzer (Media) & Jaap Kroon (Treasurer)

Pilanesberg Branch, Rustenburg Year End Function 2009

Members of the Pilanesberg Branch of the Dendrological Society have been privileged since December 2003 to visit JC & Linda Grobler's farm outside Boshoek on the road to Sun City for a year end function. This year it was no exception and members enjoyed a memorable event of hospitality at Ikutseng over…

Launch of new Website/Loods van nuwe webwerf

Welcome to our new website.  Please feel free to leave your comments. Welkom by ons nuwe webblad.  U is welkom om kommetaar te lewer.   Best tree wishes / Boomgroete Naas Grové