Members of the Pilanesberg Branch of the Dendrological Society have been privileged since December 2003 to visit JC & Linda Grobler's farm outside Boshoek on the road to Sun City for a year end function. This year it was no exception and members enjoyed a memorable event of hospitality at Ikutseng over the weekend of 28 November 2009.

During the year-end function, members are rewarded for their good work and service to the Dendrological Society and more specific to the Pilanesberg Branch over the past year.
The 2009 awards went to:

• Rita Colyn
Big Tree of the Year - for the individual who made an exceptional contribution towards promoting the mission and vision of the Dendrological Society of South Africa.
Jaap Kroon, Rita Colyn, Naas Grové
• Gawie Oberholzer
Arbor scientia - for the individual who gained a substantial amount of self knowledge in the field of dendrology.
Jaap Kroon, Gawie Oberholzer
• Gawie & Teresia Oberholzer
Pilansberg Dendron Floating Trophy - for the family who contributed the most towards the well being of the Pilanesberg branch and all its activities.
Jaap Kroon, Theresia Oberholzer, Gawie Oberholzer, Naas Grové

Pilanesberg Management 2010:

Naas Grové (Chairman), Diana Botha (Organiser), Gawie Oberholzer (Secretary), Theresia Oberholzer (Media) & Jaap Kroon (Treasurer)